Electric Vehicle Club of the South

Plugin Day 2013 (11)

Created on: 01 Oct 2013
Pictures from our National Plugin Day extravaganza. 9-28-2013 at Atlantic Station.
  • How to kickgas with Nissan...and Ford!
  • The crowds kept coming.
  • Nothing draws a crowd like a bunch of Teslas.
  • Leafs and Tesla test drives in the Parking Area.
  • A beautiful day to show off cars.
  • Teslas showing their trunks and frunks.
  • The greatest concentration of Toyota EVs on the East Coast, plus a Wheego!
  • The StealthBus, Volts and Fords.
  • A conversion, a classic, and a local EV company.
  • Clark Howard drew a crowd, or maybe it was just the car.
  • People drove their Leafs from all over to Atlantic Station!
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