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Steps to obtain the GA Tax credit

27 Feb 2014 11:18 AM | Anonymous member
Below are the steps on how exactly to get the state credit, which tax software knows about the Georgia forms, and notes on how electronic filing may work.

Background on the tax credits:

All electric cars qualify for the federal tax credit. This includes both pure electric vehicles (aka battery electric vehicles or BEVs) like the Nissan Leaf and "range-extended" electric vehicles (aka plugin hybrid electric vehicles or PHEVs) like the Chevy Volt. The amount of tax credit is $7500 for cars with batteries that are 16 kWh in size or larger (which includes the Leaf and the Volt); the tax credit is proportional to the battery size for cars with batteries smaller than 16 kWh (like the Ford Energi models).

Only PURE electric cars (BEVs) like the Nissan Leaf qualify for the state tax credit of $5000. Cars that can be fueled by gasoline (PHEVs) do not qualify.

Both of these tax credits are available regardless of whether you purchased or leased. However if you leased, the federal tax credit was used up by the bank you are leasing from (since technically that bank bought the car, not you) and then passed on to you in the form of a cheaper lease.

How to get the tax credit:
  1. Buy or Lease your favorite EV
  2. Register your car.
  3. (If you chose an AFV-Alt Fuel Vehicle tag, you may need to wait for your final tag )
  4. Print out the Georgia Zero Emissions Vehicle Form in color (http://www.gaepd.org/Files_PDF/forms/apb/apb_LEVZEVTAX.pdf) and fill it out. Mail it to the GA Environmental Protection Division ( attn: James Udi, address on form) attaching copies of your sales or lease receipt (with your name and signature) and tag receipt with final tag number.
  5. Wait 2-6 weeks to get your original color form with proper stamp from GAEPD. Note that this can be the slow step in the process, so don't delay!
  6. Print your GA tax forms and attach the original GAEPD color form. You must submit your GA state return in Hard Copy! You can use tax software to file for your Federal forms electronically to get your $7,500 federal tax credit Make copies of all forms for your records, including the GAEPD form.
  7. If you ordered AFV-Alt Fuel Vehicle tag which allows to drive solo in HOV and HOT lane, request a free peach pass transceiver at http://www.peachpass.com .

Tax software support for Georgia tax credit:
- Turbo Tax has the GA tax form
- Taxcut does not support it.
- what is the Georgia tax form number?

If you already files electronically, this worked for worked for at least one member:

I followed TurboTax's instructions and filed electronically. I was stuck with nowhere to send in the approved EV Tax Credit Certificate. Here's an update / conclusion:

(1) I went to "Where's My Refund" on the GA Tax Center website. When I entered SS#, Amount of Refund, and Year, I was given feedback that my return was received and being processed and to call the GA Dept of Revenue (# was provided).
(2) I called the GA Dept of Revenue at the requested number. No way to get to a human being without entering the "Where's my refund" information on phone. When I did, I was automatically transferred to the call center.
(3) The call center said that my EV credit was declined and they needed to transfer me to a different department to tell me what to do.
(4) The department they transferred me to looked up my information. They actually had me on a list of "approved" EV certificates that the GA Dept. of Natural Resources provided the GA Dept of Revenue. They said that they would process my return with the credit and that I could hold on to the certificate with my printed return. No need to mail it in. I was told that I should have my refund direct deposited in 7-14 days.

[The above method  may or may not work for everyone! Note that it appears that you would need to file first, wait for the state to initially process your return, and THEN you call in. It's probably simpler to file a paper return with everything included.]
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