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26 Sep 2013 9:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Chris Campbell's Electric Vehicles fact sheet (PDF, 182 kB) as an intro to EVs. The first page summarizes the cars available on the market now, and the second page goes through the basics of electric vehicles. EV veterans may note that I list the electric drivetrain horsepower, because I believe that THAT is one of the fundamental differentiators for EVs on the market -- not just the price and range! Also it factors in and highlights the cost after tax credits. 

Map of charging stations around Atlanta (PDF, 642 kB) to demonstrate how widespread EV charging has already become in just two years. It includes a list of the top locations around town, and suggests some mapping websites to use to find stations anywhere in the country. 

Check Chris' http://electrifyatlanta.com site!

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