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Georgia EV Tax Credit is under Attack Again

03 Feb 2015 11:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For those who live in Georgia, as you know the EV tax credit is again under attack at the Georgia General Assembly and we want to show broad support to our legislators in various ways. I'm collecting suggestions and posting things we can do to help. 

1. The HB 122 or the Transportation Bill, not only adds $200 to the annual Tag fee for EVs and PHEVs but it also eliminates the ZEV Credit or the $5,000.  HB 220 just got published and we need your help to support it!!! Currently HB 122 is trying to kill the Tax Credit and HB 220 is trying change it with the following highlights:
Reduce the 20% allowance credit to 10% and with the $3,000 maximum. Expand the credit to include both BEV and PHEV vehicles with 10 kWh+ battery packs. Allow a smaller credit between 4 & 10 kWh for up to 10%/$2,000.
Reduce the credit in 2018. Eliminate the credit in 2020
Please click this link to a spreadsheet and find your representative and give them a call!!! The talking points are in the spreadsheet.

2. (From the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Union of Concerned Scientists)  Consider joining a sign on letter in support of electric vehicles. This link describes the qualifications for sign on and the letter.

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